I currently host the National Secular Society podcast. Episodes so far:

27. Ep 27: Unregistered (illegal) schools with Eve Sacks (4 June 2020)

26. The Hindutva movement and its threat to secularism, with Gita Sahgal (21 May 2020)

Bonus Episode 2: Leo Igwe #FreeMubarakBala: interview with Leo Igwe on the arrest and detention of Nigerian humanist Mubarak Bala (8 May 2020)

25. American religious exceptionalism and Covid-19 (7 May 2020)

24. The early history of secularism in Britain and the role of the NSS: interview with historian Bob Forder (30 April 2020)

23. The NSS at the UN: interview with Josephine Macintosh on her work representing the NSS at the UN Human Rights Council (16 April 2020)

22. Bishops in the House of Lords: interview with Dick Taverne, Liberal Democrat peer, on why he introduced a bill to abolish the Bishops’ Bench (27 January 2020)

21. Integrated education in Northern Ireland: interview with Maddy Bridgman and Sam Fitzsimmons of the Integrated Education Fund (13 January 2020)

20. Interview with Lee and Lizanne Harris about compulsory worship in schools (16 December 2019)

19. UK general election special: the main parties’ views on secularist issues (25 November 2019)

18. The Remembrance Day ceremony and the Church of England’s role; the NSS’s campaign against clerical abuse (11 November 2019)

17. The BBC’s ‘Thought for the Day’ and its exclusion of non-religious speakers; proposed reforms to religion and sex education in Wales (28 October 2019)

16. The evangelical aims of Operation Christmas Child; the NSS’s campaign against faith schools (14 October 2019)

15. Criticisms of the term ‘Islamophobia’ and of infant circumcision (30 September 2019)

14. The NSS’s campaign against compulsory worship in schools and other education issues (16 September 2019)

10a. Behind the scenes at the NSS conference: interviews with Nick Cohen, Rachel Laser, Yasmin Rehman, Izzy Posen, and Pragna Patel (24 July 2019)