Interview for Liberas, 25 November 2022

Venice Glass Week 2022 – moderator, online ‘Conversation’ on Glass: Between Craft, Design and Art, 19 September 2022

Talks on the history of freethought, from the Greeks to the 21st century, at the Leicester Secular Society (4 September 2022) and the Sunday Assembly Brighton (11 September 2022)

On the panel of judges for Ceramics and Glass at the New Designers 2022 Awards, London, 29 July 2022

Chaired Q&A with film director Bhavan Rajagopalan at the world premiere of Vivesini, Conway Hall, 21 July 2022. This was incorporated into a video on the making of the film and its reception.

Interview with Nathan Alexander and Todd Tavares for the Beyond Atheism podcast, Episode 36, 8 March 2022