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About me

I have been teaching and tutoring Latin, Greek, and Classical Civilisation at university and school level for over a decade. I also have experience tutoring Law, English Literature and Creative Writing. I am currently a Classics and Writing Tutor at City Lit, London.

Approach to teaching

I adopt a Socratic-Platonic approach, in which I tailor my style to the personality of the individual student. I have high expectations of my students, because I believe they can always do better than they might have thought, with a bit of confidence and application. See my article: ‘How Classics can teach about teaching’.

As the Roman poet Virgil said, possunt quia posse videntur – ‘they can because they think they can’.

Private tuition: Subjects

Latin – all levels: 13+ Common Entrance and scholarship; GCSE; sixth form entry; A-level, IB, Pre-U; Oxbridge and interview preparation; undergraduate.

Ancient Greek – all levels

Classical Civilisation – all levels

Law – LNAT; university applications and interviews

English Language and Literature: GCSE, A-level, IB


I usually teach in London, but can offer residential tuition in the UK and abroad, as well as Skype tuition.

Recent successes

  • Tutored six students for entry to Oxford or Cambridge for Classics in the last five years: they all obtained places.
  • Helped a boy doing the new 9-1 GCSE Latin and Greek to improve his performance: he obtained a 9 in both subjects.
  • Helped a student who was predicted a B on her Classical Civilisation A-level to achieve an A.
  • Tutored an international student for the Latin and Greek scholarship exam at Winchester: he obtained the only scholarship available for sixth-form entry.
  • Worked with a girl applying for sixth-form entry at Westminster to improve her Latin and Greek papers. She successfully obtained a place there.
  • Helped students applying for 13+ entrance at top schools, including Eton and Westminster, to raise their grade on their Latin papers.


  • “Emma is one of my best tutors. She has a powerful intellect and is able to work effectively with students of all ages. She is particularly skilled at the art of questioning and always gets the best out of the students. She is also reliable, consistent and very personable.” (Former headmistress, with whom I worked on an independent teaching project)
  • “[My daughter] particularly commented that her Latin Teacher was exceptionally good and thought her to have excellent teaching skills which she appreciated.” (Parent of Year 8 student, London)
  • “A quick note to let you know that [my son] succeeded in getting an A* in Latin [GCSE] – thanks in large measure to your advice and instruction. Many thanks for all your help.” (Parent of Year 11 student, Oxford)
  • “Hi Emma good results… [my daughter got] As in Latin and Greek … Thank you for all your help. [My daughter] is sad you won’t be here to tutor her next year!” (Parent of Year 12 student, Leicestershire)

Qualifications and references

My highest qualification is a DPhil (doctorate) in Classics from Oxford University.

A full CV and details of referees can be provided upon request.

DBS certificate

I have a recent DBS certificate.

Fees and further information

My rates are competitive, as I do not need to charge agency commission.

For more information, contact me via this form, or email info[at]dremmapark[dot]com

Standard terms and conditions

  1. Unless agreed otherwise, these Standard Terms and Conditions will be applicable in any case where Dr Emma Park (the “Tutor”) agrees to provide educational services to a designated student (the “Student”) (the “Services”).
  2. The details of the Services, e.g. the subject of study and the relevant syllabus, will be agreed between the parties from time to time.
  3. These Standard Terms and Conditions constitute a contract between the parties. Unless agreed otherwise, the parties to the contract shall be (i) the Tutor and (ii) a designated parent or guardian of the Student (the “Parent”).
  4. In consideration for the Services, the Tutor shall charge the Parent fees at an hourly rate (the “Hourly Rate”). The Hourly Rate shall be agreed between the parties in advance of any Services being provided.
  5. The Hourly Rate shall be chargeable in respect of each hour of each lesson between the Tutor and the Student. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the Tutor will not charge for preparation time or marking time.
  6. An invoice will be rendered by the Tutor on a weekly basis. Payment must be made in cleared funds to the bank account specified in the invoice within five business days of each invoice. If any invoice is not paid on time, then the Tutor shall be entitled to (i) terminate this contract immediately and/or (ii) suspend the Services pending payment in full and/or (iii) charge interest on unpaid fees at a rate of 8% per annum, compounding weekly.
  7. Without prejudice to the Tutor’s right of termination under paragraph 6 above, each of the Tutor and the Parent shall be entitled to terminate this contract on five business days’ written notice.
  8. For the avoidance of doubt, the Tutor does not warrant or represent that the Student shall achieve any particular educational outcome. The Student is ultimately responsible for his or her own educational outcome.
  9. This contract and any non-contractual obligations arising out of the Services shall be governed by English law. Any dispute under this contract or arising out of the Services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts (insofar as the law allows).