Current project: Turning my doctoral thesis (Oxford, 2012) into a monograph. Thesis title: ‘Plato and Lucretius as Philosophical Literature: A Comparative Study‘.

‘Plato vs. the Rest: Review of Schmitt (A.), Modernity and Plato. Two Paradigms of Rationality, NY: Camden House (2012)’, The Classical Review, March 2014

Seminars & Conference Papers

‘Teaching Plato’s Laches in the Sixth Form’ – poster presentation at the Classical Association Conference 2018, Leicester

‘Lucretius and Platonic Pleasure: Reading De rerum natura III.1003-10′ – paper at the Classical Association Conference 2014, Nottingham


MA, MSt, DPhil (Oxon.), Classics

GDL, BPTC (City University, London)